You pick a style. You/we supply fabrics. We make a sample. You approve. We manufacture it.

Question Is There A Minimum Order Quantity?

Yes! Our Minimum Order Quantity is 10 unit per style. Collection minimum is 3 designs. For example you have to have 3 different design and make 10 unit per style making it a total of 30 unit garment.

Question Does The 10 Units Have To Be One Style?

Yes it has to be. But within the 10 units, you can choose to have different colors/prints of fabrics and sizes. Within the 10 units you can break it down to (3) small, (3) medium, (3) large (1) Ex-large or however your brand size preference follows.

Question What if I have only one design?

If you have only one design you will have to produce a 30 units of that one design. Which you can also break down as you please for example: 8 (Small) 8 (medium) 7 (Large) 7 (Ex-Large) for a total of 30 units.

Question How Do I Start ? I Would Like To See Your Price List?

We have no fixed price list. Every item is priced differently based on their production complexity, Fabric type, time and labor.For example, a basic cotton shirt may only cost N5900($15) to make excluding fabrics whereas same Blouse with a bit of detail and different fabric may cosN12000($30) . all exclusive of fabrics.

Question Do you provide the fabrics?

We have trusted wholesale vendors that we work with and can help our Client Source for fabrics based on sample swatches and sample pictures provided. An additional payment invoice for reimbursement will be sent when fabric is picked and selected. Our clients are also free to source their own Fabric with their own vendor or website and ship it to our store Location in Lagos Nigeria.

Question Are Your Quotes With Or Without Fabrics?

Without fabric. We quote for production, labor, garment lining, and garment accessories etc. buttons, zippers, hook and eye...

Question Do You Work With Product Pictures?

Most of our clients work with internet images.  It is a good idea to work with internet images as it helps you to know exactly how your item would fit & look on the body. You can still be creative by combining features of 2 or 3 images into one item & it becomes unique or label out changes or add on’s you would like.

Question What About Working Illustrations?

For sure we can work with your illustrations to bring them to life. But we also recommend additional internet or Pinterest picture  samples 

Question Can I Order JUST a Sample Of A Style?

Yes, you can order a sample of anything in any size you want. We will make the sample and send it out to you if locally in Lagos or international (virtually or shipped). There is however an additional one-time development fee of $60 on top of your individual sample price for new first-time customers joining us. This fee covers our cost of labor and production logistics (time,  fuel, e.t.c) once you become our client, you no longer pay for samples you only pay for your fabric and shipping cost. The client provides their own fabric for the sample, or we can source the fabric for the client and the client pays for it.  

Question Do you offer a size chart?

We can give you our own formulated size chart but we also accept and produce with the size chart that is given to us.

Question Do you offer shipping/logistics?

YES, we can ship and deliver samples or products within 15 miles distance from our factory. We do provide logistics or shipping outside of  Lagos at a cost that varies based on quantity. once your product is finished and has been inspected by quality control an invoice will be sent out.

Question Are My Designs Safe With You?

 Sure of course. If we manufacture your unique styles, you can rest assured that we will not share images without your consent. We also accept and sign NDAs from our clients.

Question Do I Have To Come To Lagos Where You Are?

No! Not at all. We expect our clients to be from the diaspora and different parts. It would be great to have someone physically visit the workshop to see samples and progress, If you can’t make it yourself or have someone do it, 80% of our work and communication can be done virtually. Once we start a business relationship with you, we are open to communication around the clock.

Question So How Do I Send Things Like Fabrics To You And Receive Finished Goods From You?

We work with different delivery & dispatch companies in Lagos, Client is responsible for paying all delivery costs. For international clients, we use DHL and cargo.

Question Do You Do Branding?

Yes, we sew on brand tags, size, and care labels provided by the client. 

Question How long does the sample takes?

Usually 10-14 business days from when the fabric is  received. 

Question How Long Does Production Take?

Usually 6 -10 weeks from the day of sample approval. Subject to the workshop schedule. 

Question Is There A Contract Requirement?

we do a half deposit and that covers insurance and binds the agreement. 

Question What if I am not satisfied when I see my clothes?

International clients: We try our best to guarantee customer satisfaction but if for any reason you are not satisfied with your final products, we offer free clothing fixes for items that can be fixed at no cost, or We can offer refunds back on specific damaged unfixable goods.

Question How do you take payment?

We accept payment in dollars or naira. All payments can be made via bank transfer. GTB: 0552210479 - Access bank: 0086379228 and Chase  Bank: 448805254 (Zelle –,


  1. Client sends an image collage, sketch or tech pack of sample design via email, phone, or in-person 
  2. Fabric, design, and style consultation is done 
  3. Sample price invoice is sent to the client  
  4. If applicable (non-disclosure) and contract agreement signed 
  5. Client pays 100% of sample invoice fee to commence work/ fabric sourcing
  6. Fabric is sourced: client reimburse Fabric cost  
  7. Sample prototype is made 
  8. We send a sample via phone (pictures and video), sample to be shipped to client
  9. The client makes corrections if needed or signs off on a go-ahead for bulk production
  10. The client pays 50% of the Wholesale invoice to commence work 
  11. Clients provide fabric or fabric payment for wholesale production (we can help source the fabric at no cost) client pays for their own fabric at market price, there is no set price. 
  12. Production starts  
  13. Production finishes 
  14. Quality control checked and approved 
  15. Client Pays remaining 50% balance 
  16. Client picks up products or we deliver via cargo/DHL (client pays)
  17. The client receives goods and is satisfied.