The Founder

ChiChi Ezurike is the Founder & creative director of ZurikGirl Clothing Manufacturing. A clothing and production company that helps creatives and fashion designers in the diaspora with affordable premium solutions to starting their own dream clothing line. Before dedicating her time to clothing manufacturing, ChiChi has also spent 8 years working in the fashion, hospitality, and media industry.
ChiChi earned an MBA in Business Management from Saint Xavier University and a bachelor of science in Hospitality Business Admin. A family-driven lady, ChiChi divides her time between the United States and Nigeria.

Chinenye Ezurike


Sourcing Manager

With an extensive experience in sourcing materials locally, Ezinne is responsible for selecting and purchasing materials, trims and accessories from manufacturers, or wholesalers for all new and existing Zurikgirl clients.
Her role at Zurikgirl is very versatile and flexible as the buying schedule may include sitting behind a desk one day writing reports, communicating by phone or email with clients and traveling locally to meet and negotiate with suppliers.

Ezinne Ezurike

Sourcing Manager

Zurik Girl Production

We design and produce in Lagos, Nigeria. We believe in supporting local economies, fair ethical labor and transparency. Our clothes are ready-to-wear, fluently chic with a dash of personality; perfect for the multi-cultural woman with a big city mind on the go.


We are dedicated to growing Africa through the growth of our Clothing manufacture, production and Sample making. We aim to encourage more upcoming designers home and abroad to consider fashion production in Africa and not China. 


Zurikgirl Workshop provides clothing manufacturing opportunities for Small and start-up fashion brands with the perfect low Minimum order quantity(MOQ) solution for building and launching your designs.

Where are we located?

The Zurikgirl Workshop is located in the most populous country in Africa. Lagos,Nigeria.

Who are our clients?

Majority of our clients are in the Diaspora (USA, UK and Canada). Our clients are ethically with moral high standards for quality goods.


We believe in supporting local economies, fair ethical labor and transparency.

What is Our MOQ Production?

Our production is typically orders as low as 10 and high as 100 units (garments).

5 benefits of Using our Workshop

  1. Reduced risk – Small batch manufacturing helps you avoid the risk of wasting time, money, and resources that can come with committing to a large-scale inventory. 

  2. Efficient Market Testing – you can gauge the sales and orders of your garments and predict your growth more accurately. By the time you have perfected your design, the initial sales will demonstrate the need is being met in the market and can accurately predict the pace of growth.

  3. Direct customer service- once you become our client you have access to speak to us with questions or concerns around the clock, we create a personal relationship with each client and make sure we give our undivided attention to every detail. 

  4. Sustainability – Sustainability is becoming more prevalent as conscious consumers and production behavior continues to grow. Our workshop reduces the risk of substantial waste and take up less resources in production.

  5. Fabric & consultation- This is one of the hardest steps in production. Finding the perfect fabric for your design. We give our client the option of sourcing their fabric and fabric type preference (consulting) at No Charge. We have on-ground staff who will source your perfect fabric for you.